Tegoshi turns into a St. Bernard. That had to have been awkward. He then asks a question about what the dogs carried in the little barrels on their necks. The correct answer is: brandy. Tegoshi is using a stuffed toy but the truth is they were going to use a real dog but when they brought it for some reason upon meeting Tegoshi in costume it got mad so they had to take it away. 

Tegoshi: It told me “I don’t want to stand next to you.” It would be like “NO”. I’m an idol but I’m trying so hard here.


Then comes the traditional country flag introduction. Tegoshi changes out of the doggy costume. He doesn’t, however, wear the Japanese school uniform because the luggage it was in got lost. That’s why he puts on an outfit similar to the one local high scholers wear. Which looks even better on him. The bastard.


He gets told it’s time to show off his physical strength. His face lights up instantly and he gets very cocky.

T: There it is! That’s totally my speciality! Sports=Tegoshi Yuya.

They said they were going to show Tegoshi’s full potential but the reality was different.